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Interdressage was launched in 2007 by freelance riding instructor Karina Hawkridge and British Dressage judge, Glynis Mills. It is the original online dressage and showing competition website. It is 'open to anyone, anywhere' and is now being enjoyed by riders worldwide. All standards of riders are catered for and there is a wide variety of dressage, showing and practical horsemanship classes to choose from every month.

This innovative format makes it possible for anyone, anywhere to compete from the convenience and familiarity of their own arena online, via video in monthly dressage, showing and 'practical horsemanship' classes.

This is what Interdressage has to offer:

  • Professionally judged tests
  • Comprehensive feedback on every test
  • Prize money awarded at 20% of total entries per class (subject to minimum entries)
  • Fabulous three tier rosettes to 10th place.
  • Beautiful 2 tier highly commended rosettes.
  • Colourful achievement certificates.
  • Riding school league.
  • BHS riding club league
  • Annual dressage and showing points league
  • Winter league
  • The chance to compete when you want, where you want!


Ask someone to video you riding
your chosen  test.


Submit it for entry.

It's as simple as that!!

All the month's videos are viewable online!

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Each month we will E-mail you with:

  • A full listing of the previous months results
  • Interviews with prize winners
  • Up to date information about forthcoming shows and events here at INTERDRESSAGE.
  • Answers to all your horse related problems (get emailing them to us now!!)
  • Tips on how to ride next month's dressage tests and insights into what the judge will be looking for
  • Exercises for you and your horse to practice
    Your letters.

Here's what some of our 'regulars' have to say about Interdressage:

'Interdressage has proved a great support for me and my friend who also competes. Whilst it is different from a 'real' competition in that you can chose the day, have another go if you forget the test etc, these same choices apply to everyone, so no-one has an advantage. For those of us unable to get to 'real' competitions Interdressage is a fantastic step forward and in many classes there are more entrants than at 'normal' competitions. It is also great fun to say you have competed 'internationally' as many riders enter from abroad'.
'The feedback you get from each test you do is amazing. Not only is it judged by a BD listed judge, something local shows do not always obtain, but another member of the experienced team writes tips and encouragement which can be up to a page long, something not available in 'real' competitions. So much so that when I got a 'normal' sheet back at another competition I felt short changed as the comments made would not help me better my training. As the judges can watch each test as many times as they wish a true judgement of your training is obtained and isn't that why we should be competing - to further our education'.


'Interdressage is an amazing concept as it has allowed people like myself to not only compete but compete internationally. When I first entered I was terrified, lacked complete confidence, my horse was very green, we had no transport and the thought of so many people being able to watch our test was very daunting. However, the test sheet I got back was unlike anything I had ever had before, not only were the judge's comments so very helpful and much longer than at a normal competition the tips/advice from a separate party covering an A4 sheet of paper have been of invaluable help. 'Long Live Interdressage' I could not have done without it.'

Getting Started:

So, if you want to join in the fun and feel ready to compete for rosettes, prize money and excellent feedback- this is what you need to do;

  • Check out the 'schedule and entry form' page and choose a class.
  • Pay for your entry online or by printing off an entry form and submitting a postal entry with cheque included. Pay Pal transfers are also accepted!
  • Get your digital camera or mobile phone ready to video
  • Learn your 'dressage test' or 'showing template' of choice (all are free to download from the site - just follow the links from the schedule and entry form page!)
  • Ride and video your test.
  • Submit your video for judging. (either transfer to disc and post; upload to You Tube and email the URL link or send it using www.sendthisfile.com )

Within 7 days of your score appearing on the site your score sheet- complete with 'tips and advice' will be emailed back to you.

Within 2 weeks of results being finalised your awards will be delivered to your door!

All our dressage tests have been specially written for Interdressage.  They are short enough to down load quickly and efficiently, but testing enough to be interesting and educational for you and your horse. They have all been tried and tested thoroughly by a variety of riders on all different types of horses and ponies with new tests being written on a regular basis.

But remember that we must receive the correct entry fee before we can judge your test.

Please help spread the word- there is something for everyone at Interdressage.

Email this page. Join us on Face Book. Join the Interdressage forum.

Who runs Interdressage?

Karina Hawkridge - founder of

Karina has ridden and competed since a child and has run her own professional yard alongside her husband, Stephen, since 1987 producing competition horses and ponies as well as buying, schooling and selling family all-rounders. She has had competition success in BSJA jumping classes as well as dressage competitions and has also competed in showing classes including 'side saddle' as well as experiencing the thrill of team chasing and hunting! She is a true 'all round' horse-person! For the last three years 'Interdressage' has been her main focus - but she still finds time to fulfil a full teaching schedule and rides her own horses regularly.

Karina recognises the need to establish correct flat work before success can be achieved in any equestrian discipline; be it dressage, show jumping, eventing, pleasure rides or hacking. A correctly schooled horse is not only a pleasure to ride but is also more physically able to carry out the work asked of him and it is her knowledge of 'getting the best' out of every horse that Karina would like to share with you!

With 37 years spent riding a variety of different horses and ponies and with considerable teaching experience under her belt, including teaching regularly for the York and Ainsty South Pony Club, Karina is well qualified to help and encourage every Interdressage competitor and offers comprehensive 'tips and advice' on all tests judged with Interdressage.

Because of the wide range of horses she has been lucky enough to ride over the years, there are very few schooling or behavioural issues that she has not encountered. It is now- through the power of the internet, that Karina can share her expertise with everyone who enters an Interdressage class.

Glynis Mills - Interdressage judge. British Dressage Listed judge.

Glynis has ridden and competed since childhood. She has never had the 'luxury' of a readymade horse. Being small in stature she has ridden and competed on many different types of ponies and has sourced and produced all her ponies herself. Glynis was instrumental in having the B.D ruling changed allowing adults to compete on ponies!

Glynis has successfully competed up to advanced level dressage and has trained with some of the top riders; Richard Davison, Jane Bartle-Wilson, Stephen Clarke, Paul Hayler, to name but a few! She has also considerable showing experience -'in hand' and 'ridden'- with an enthusiastic interest in all our native breeds.

Glynis, through her positive and upbeat judging, encourages, inspires and 'nurtures' every rider; negativity is banished from her comments and observations and because of this Glynis is always in demand to judge. This is why she has been such 'a hit' with 'Interdressage' competitors!

Glynis has an excellent eye for detail and continues to 'judge train' keeping up to date with all that is new in the world of B.D judging. She is a 'list 6' judge - and has firsthand experience of competing at every level all the way up to 'advanced'- and this is why we welcome her expertise here at Interdressage.