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Test ID Test Title Video
adt9 Advanced Test 9
ihb In Hand Baroque Style 1 Walk
idt6 Intermediate Dressage Test 6
ipc Intermediate Plus C
pht2 Practical Horsemanship Test 2`
pht5 Practical Horsemanship Test 5 (2011)
sdt2 Starter Dressage Test 2
sdt4 Starter Dressage Test 4
sdt5 Starter Dressage Test 5
sdt6 Starter Dressage Test 6
spa Starter Plus A
SPD Starter Plus D
spe Starter Plus E
spt3 Style and Performance 3
spt1 Style and Performance Test 1
spt4 Style and Performance Test 4
wtda Walk and Trot Dressage Test A
wtdc Walk and Trot Dressage Test C
wtdd Walk and Trot Dressage Test D