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  1. Sponsored by Mirrors for Training and Beewear Clothing (www.beewear.co.uk), and run by www.interdressage.com in conjunction with British Riding Clubs.
  2. Open to members of affiliated British Riding Clubs and Riding Club Centres.
  3. Commencing October 2016 and ending April 2017.
  4. Riding Club competitors will compete alongside the regular monthly Interdressage competitors in the same class/s and will be identified on the leader board by the initials 'RC' after their names. They will be eligible for monthly prize money and rosettes in addition to any certificate they may receive as a Riding Club League competitor.
  5. Riding Clubs can enter as many competitors as they wish but it must be made clear either by email, phone or on a print off entry form, the name of the club they are competing for.
  6. Points will be awarded as follows; 2 points per monthly entry per Riding Club (not per competitor) 10 points for 1st place down to 1 point for 10th place.
  7. Points will be awarded per rider not horse and rider combination but there will also be an end of season prize for the highest scoring horse and rider combination.
  8. Competitors can choose from any Interdressage 'dressage' class including 'Style and Performance' and 'Freestyle Jumping 'classes and can enter as many classes as they like each month to be eligible for the points.
  9. More than one rider can compete on the same horse per class and riders can compete on more than one horse per class.
  10. Riders can compete on different horses each month.
  11. If classes exceed 50 competitors they will be 'split' at the discretion of Interdressage.
  12. Riding Clubs can join the league at any point in the 'season'.
  13. All competitions are run in accordance with Interdressage rules and any communication must be made through Interdressage.
  14. British Riding Clubs are responsible for the allocation of end of season Prizes.
  15. Interdressage is responsible for monthly prizes and awards.