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GENERAL: Click on any of the topics below for guidance notes:

Getting started.
Taking the video.
Uploading your video.

Any tips on getting a good video?

  • Always film with your back to the sun.
    Make sure you keep the camera steady and try and keep the horse in the centre of the frame
  • Try not to film when there is a sharp contrast in light and dark areas in the arena.
  • Use the highest quality setting on your camera.
  • Set the zoom before you start and do not alter it once you have started filming.
  • Make sure the light setting is correct for the time of day you are filming at.
    Stand at C either with your back to C or behind C facing A and do not move from that spot.
  • Make sure you video from the start of the test as they turn onto the centre line and keep videoing until after the final halt so we can see some walk work as they leave the arena. (Just half a dozen steps or so).
  • Film with the sound turned off if this is an option on the equipment you are using. This helps to keep the file size down.

Click on any of the FAQ below to see the answer.

What if I do not have a proper arena to ride in ? will this make a difference?
I do not have the correct letters ? what should I do?
How big is a dressage arena and where do the letters go?
I share a horse- can he compete in the same class if his other riders want to compete as well?
I do not have the correct riding gear- is it ok to compete in coloured jods and no jacket?
Yes this is fine- but we must stress that you DO need to wear a correctly fitting and safe riding hat, riding boots and preferably gloves and if you are competing in a test that includes jumps, wear a back protector if you usually jump in one.
What does my horse need tack wise?
I have never competed before ? will this matter?
I have a disability- will there be a class for me?
I am riding at a high level already- will this site be too basic for me?
Does it matter if the judge cannot see my letters?
How do I keep up to date with my placing?
Do I need an expensive camera to video my test?
How do I video my test?
How do I enter?