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  1. The Riding School Points League will run from May 2016 until April 2017.
  2. At the end of the 2016/17 season the riding school with the most points will be awarded the fantastic prize of 450 to spend on an item of their own choice that will benefit their school.
  3. Riding schools can enter as many riders per month as they like.
  4. The Riding School Points league is open to riders competing on horses and ponies used or owned by the riding school. All horses and ponies competing in this league must be owned and used by the riding school for clients- even if they are only used for in hand lessons or stable management. private clients must not compete on their own horses under the banner of a riding school entry.
  5. Riding School competitors will compete alongside other competitors in the usual monthly classes so they can choose which test or tests they wish to ride.
  6. Riding School competitors will be competing for the same prize money and rosettes as the class as a whole and will abide by the general class rules.
  7. Riding school competitors will be shown on the leader board with RS after their names.
  8. Only competitors with RS after their names will be eligible for the Riding School League Points.
  9. Points will be awarded monthly to Riding School competitors in each class as follows: 10th = 1 point, 9th = 2 points, 8th = 3 points, 7th = 4 points, 6th = 5 points, 5th = 6 points, 4th = 7 points, 3rd = 8 points, 2nd = 9 points and 1st = 10 points. (Riding school competitors will also be competing against the class as a whole for the usual monthly rosettes and prize money).
  10. Certificates will be awarded monthly to the highest placed riding school competitors in each class as well as any prize money and rosettes owing to them from the class as a whole.
  11. Each riding school will also be awarded 1 point per monthly entry as well as any individual points. (This point is awarded per Riding School entry- Not per competitor).
  12. When submitting entries, riding schools must make their riding school name very clear on their entry form.
  13. This season ALL our classes (excluding any 'non horse' or charity classes) will count towards the Riding School Points League.


Members of Corner House Riding School- USA - winners of the 2010/11 riding school points league with their jump. (From left to right; Angel, Sandy, Elizabeth, Louise, Alexa, Claudia and Kim)

Silva Riding School competitors

Now you can compete for fabulous rosettes, prize money and achievement certificates- even if you do not own your own horse or pony!

Ask your riding school if you can enter our Riding School Points League. You could help them win a fantastic end of season prize as well as winning some fab prizes for yourself!
Keep an eye on your Riding School's points in the monthly points table published in the Interdressage newsletter- click here to register for your newsletter.

Each year Interdressage runs a 'Riding School Points League.'
This is aimed at riders who do not have their own horse or pony and who ride at a riding school or equestrian centre.
Riders can choose the classes they wish to enter in the usual way and will compete on equal terms with everyone else. Their status will be indicated by the name of their Riding School and the letters 'RS' after their names on the leader board.

Riding school competitors will be awarded place certificates and points to 10th place for the riding school they represent, as well as being eligible for the usual monthly rosettes and prize money.
At the end of the season the riding school amassing the most points will be awarded a fabulous Interdressage prize. In 2014/15 this will be four multi build wings, four poles and filler or the alternative cash prize of 450 in the eventuality of an overseas winner.
Riding Schools can join the league at any point in the season and can enter as many riders as they like each month.

The Association of British Riding Schools (ABRS) is presenting the highest placed ABRS registered school with a trophy. Check out their website for details of a school near you and what they have to offer. http://www.abrs-info.org

Here are the Final results for the 2014/15 Riding School Points League. Congratulations to you all- this was a very exciting and well contested league!
The winning Riding School will receive 450. 2nd and 3rd placed school members will receive medals Certificates to 6th place.

1st Summerwood (USA) 1251
2nd Corner House (USA) 1140
3rd Swang Pony Centre (UK) 649
4th Rosewall (UK) 302
5th Bracco (UK) 234
6th Therapeutic Riding Association of Canada (Canada) 208

County Lane (UK) 192
Plumtree (UK) 172
Redbrook (UK) 134
Grove House (UK) 127
Valley Farm (UK) 101
Orchard Farm (UK) 77
Mapleview (Canada) 61
Hill View/Sunnyside (UK) 41
Park View (UK) 28
Radway (UK) 23
Birchwood (UK) 11
Naxos (Grece) 11
Kimblewick (UK) 9

Here are the final places for the Riding School Points League 2013/14 series. Well done to all who took part.

1st Corner House (USA) 773
2nd Swang Pony Centre (UK) 667
3rd Bracco (UK) 262
4th Summerwood (USA) 173
5th Dean(UK) 160
6th Therapeutic Riding Association of Canada 152
7th Valley Fm (UK) 105
8th Rosewall(UK) 101
9th KB Equestrian(Canada) 97
10th Plumtree (UK) 93

Here are the final places for the Riding School Points League 2011/12 series. Well done to all who took part.

1ST Corner House (USA) 908
2ND PeaPod (UK) 446
3RD Grove House (UK)1ST ABRS SCHOOL 410
4TH Radway (UK) 351
5TH Castle Leslie (Ireland) 267
6TH Slieve Aughty (Ireland) 87
7TH Valley Farm (UK) 76
8TH Wharf Farm (UK) 75
9TH Fat Pony (Sth Africa) 51
10TH Lanquestrian (UK) 40
Crete Acadamy (Crete) 39
Hartwell (UK) 35
Therapuetic Riding Assoc. (Canada) 25
Eskagerard (Denmark) 20
Park View (UK) 18
Fulwood (UK) 11
Mobberley (UK) 5

Participating Riding Schools in the 2010/2011 league and their final points and placings.

1st Corner House (USA) 776
2nd Radway (UK) 425
3rd Silva (Corfu) 361 4th Mobberley (UK) 276 (HIGHEST PLACED ABRS RIDING SCHOOL)
5th Fulwood (UK) 224
6th Fat Pony (South Africa) 210
7th Eskageragard (Denmark) 109
8th Hill View (UK) 47
9th Slieve Aughty (Ireland) 42
10th Crete RS 39
Hastoe Hill (UK) 39
Hayfield (UK) 31
Unicorn Centre -(UK) 29
Rycroft (UK) 28
Homestead Equestrian Centre- (South Africa) 21
Equus Park(Sth Africa) 20
Westfield Farm (UK) 11
Park View (UK) 10

Participating Riding Schools in the 2009/2010 league and their final points and placings.

1st SILVA(CORFU) 808
3rd RADWAY(UK) 251
4th HILL VIEW(UK) 126
5th PLUMTREE(UK) 119

This league is open to Riding Schools from
anywhere in the world!