Name of rider/handler:
Name and age of horse:
Judged by:
Tips and advice by:
1Enter at A in medium walk. C track right to M 10
2M to A medium walk. 10
3A circle right 20 metres in medium walk. AK medium walk 10
4K to H free walk allowing the horse to stretch H C Transition to medium walk. 20
5CMB medium walk. 10
6B turn right toward E 10
7X Halt. Stand still for 6 seconds. (Leader change side) Proceed in medium walk 10
8E Turn left EKA Medium walk 10
9A Circle left 20 metres in medium walk AF Medium walk. 10
10F to M free walk allowing horse to stretch MC Transition to medium walk 20
11CHE Medium walk 10
12E Half circle left 10m to X and proceed down the centre line to G 10
13G Halt. Salute Leave arena in free walk at a convenient place 10
14Paces (rhythm and regularity) 20
15Activity (desire to move forwards) suppleness of back 20
16Submission and way of going, (attention and confidence, ease of movements and acceptance of the bridle) 20
17Skill and accuracy of the rider 20
18Riders position and seat, effective use of the aids 20
19Total 250
Tips and advice:
SCORING EXPLAINED; 0=Not performed. 1=Very bad. 2=Fairly bad. 3=bad. 4=Insufficient. 5=Sufficient 6=Satisfactory. 7= Fairly good. 8= Good. 9=Very good. 10= Excellent.
Half marks may be used.