Horse and Pony In Hand 1
Name of rider/handler:
Name and age of horse:
Judged by:
Tips and advice by:
The set movements must be executed.

Horses and ponies must be lead in a suitable head coller or bridle - with or without a bit.

Video from C either just in front of C with your back to C facing A or just behind C facing A
1E enter at Walk X halt immobility 4 seconds B track right 10
2A down centre line medium walk X working trot C turn right- working trot to K 10
3K X M change the rein working trot- working trot to H 10
4H X F change the rein working trot 10
5A down the centre line, X medium walk C turn right 10
6B turn right. X halt immobilty4 seconds- walk forwards a couple of strides- turn and face C- salute. 10
7Quality and straightness of paces 20
8Conformation and being ‘true to type’ 20
9Turnout of rider 20
10Turnout of horse 20
11Manners and willingness 20
12Total Score 160
Tips and advice:
SCORING EXPLAINED; 0=Not performed. 1=Very bad. 2=Fairly bad. 3=bad. 4=Insufficient. 5=Sufficient 6=Satisfactory. 7= Fairly good. 8= Good. 9=Very good. 10= Excellent.
Half marks may be used.