Promising Youngster (2010 new) IN HAND
Name of rider/handler:
Name and age of horse:
Judged by:
Tips and advice by:
Minimum required movements for freestyle in hand show:
Sideways, all round view to assess turnout and condition
Walk away from and towards the camera.
Trot away from and towards the camera.
Walk and trot on both reins.
Video to be no more than 4 minutes long.
Scores will be awarded as per score sheet below..
1Turnout of horse 20
2Turnout of handler 20
3General condition of horse 20
4Regularity, rhythm and quality of paces in walk 10
5Regularity, rhythm and quality of paces in trot 10
6General manners and willingness of horse 30
7General athleticism of horse, balance and suppleness 20
8Conformation (with regards to suitability as a general all round riding/driving horse or pony) 20
9Clarity of aids given and continuity of show 10
10TOTAL 160
Tips and advice:
SCORING EXPLAINED; 0=Not performed. 1=Very bad. 2=Fairly bad. 3=bad. 4=Insufficient. 5=Sufficient 6=Satisfactory. 7= Fairly good. 8= Good. 9=Very good. 10= Excellent.
Half marks may be used.